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Shiva Ganga Mosquito Nets, Khammam

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📌Lakshmi Nagar, Khammam.
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Mosquito Net Products Dealers in Khammam : Shiva Ganga Mosquito Nets in Lakshmi Nagar


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Mosquito screens prevent many fevers.

Every day we hear about people admitted to hospitals because of viral fevers such as chikungunya, dengue, and other fevers in Hyderabad. The main reason for suffering from these fevers is a bite from a mosquito that carries the virus, and during the sucking of one’s blood, the virus enters the body. One can escape from these bites in many ways, such as by applying mosquito repellent creams all over the body, burning coils, and killing mosquitoes with special bats. But the best prevention is blocking the entry of mosquitoes into a house. For this, one has to use mosquito screens or mesh at every entry point of the house, such as doors and windows in all rooms in Hyderabad.

Mosquito screen materials

The net of a mosquito screen should be made of stiff cotton or synthetic thread to allow the movement of air. A white net allows you to see mosquitoes against the background, but a light yellow color can be used for better maintenance. Netting with 285 holes per square inch is ideal because it is very breathable but will prevent even the smallest mosquito from entering. This screen must be wrapped around doors and windows. The mosquito net with polyester netting is the best and most widely used because it is lightweight and more durable than cotton or any other type of material.

Price to be paid for mosquito screens

The price of mosquito mesh or screen depends on its width and the material used for netting. Based on this, the screen will be sold in meters of running feet. The final calculation for pricing is made on a square foot basis, and it varies between Rs 150 and Rs 350 in Hyderabad. A specially made magnetic mosquito net for all types of doors can be purchased by spending Rs 850 per square foot in Hyderabad.

What is a mosquito net?

Mosquito nets are important products to protect against malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, the zinc virus, Chagas disease, etc. Mosquito net is one type of mesh curtain product. It kills insects and stops roaming insects in our area.

Mosquito Net Products (Doors and Windows) for your Home or Office Premises?

We have 20+ of the best mosquito dealers in Hyderabad. We selected all the best mosquito dealers based on their previous work experience, customer reviews, and quality of work.

Get Free Quotation Form The best mosquito net dealers in Hyderabad should consider your location.

Mosquito net products and types.

01. Sliding Mosquito Nets; 02. Plated Mosquito Nets; 03. Fixed Mosquito Nets; 04. Hinged Mosquito Nets 05. Rolling Mosquito Nets; 06. Magnetic Mosquito Mesh.

What are the types and models of mosquito nets available on the market?

There are so many mosquito net products available on the market. for home and office

  • Mosquito net doors and windows with aluminum panels, UPVC panels, or wooden frames.
  • Mosquito net sliding doors and windows.
  • Fiber Mosquito Net Doors and Windows.
  • PVC mosquito net doors and windows.

Daily-Used Mosquito Net Products.

  • Baby mosquito nets
  • Double and Single Bed Mosquito Nets
  • Rounded and square-shaped mosquito nets
  • Tent-style mosquito nets
  • Umbrella mosquito nets


What are mosquito net products?

Mosquito net products are specially designed items that help protect individuals from mosquito bites and prevent the transmission of mosquito-borne diseases. These products include mosquito nets, mosquito net curtains, mosquito netting fabric, and other related accessories.

What is the role of mosquito net product dealers?

Mosquito net product dealers are businesses or individuals who specialize in selling and distributing mosquito net products. They serve as intermediaries between manufacturers or suppliers and customers, ensuring the availability of a wide range of mosquito net products in the market.

Where can I find mosquito net product dealers?

You can find mosquito net product dealers in various places. They may have physical stores in your local area or operate online through e-commerce platforms. You can also check home improvement stores, outdoor equipment retailers, or specialized mosquito net product shops.

What types of mosquito net products do dealers usually offer?

Mosquito net product dealers typically offer a diverse range of products to cater to different needs. These may include bed nets, which are designed to be used over beds, as well as window screens, door screens, camping hammock nets, baby crib nets, and travel nets. Some dealers may also offer mosquito netting fabric by the yard for DIY projects.

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