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Best Top 10 Paint Shops in Vijayawada

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M/S Sumitra General Merchants, 1Town, Vijayawada

Asiapaints Dealers... | # 9-60-45, Ganapathi Rao Road, Wynchipet, 1Town ...
Latest Review :Paint Shops
Reviews and Ratings of  M/S Sumitra General Merchants in 1Town, Vijayawada 5.0 (1 Votes)

Sri Narasimha Agencies, Eluru Road, Vijayawada

Asaian Paints, Sheenlac, Saicoat, Allied Products... | # D.No. 33-21-9, Opp. Mysore Cafe,Seetharampuram, Eluru Road ...
Latest Review :Asian Paints
Reviews and Ratings of  Sri Narasimha Agencies in Eluru Road, Vijayawada 5.0 (1 Votes)

Sri Lakshmi Venkataramana Paints, Governorpet, vijayawada

Paints and Pipes sellers... | #29-4-12/7, Rahiman Park Municipal Complex kondandaramireddy street, Governorpet ...
Latest Review :Painting Works
Reviews and Ratings of  Sri Lakshmi Venkataramana Paints in Governorpet, vijayawada 5.0 (1 Votes)

Sri Jupiter Colour Company, Bhavannarayana Street, vijayawada

Hardware paints and Piepes sellers... | #11-62-113, Canal Road, Vinayaka Temple, Bhavannarayana Street ...
Latest Review :Paintig Works
Reviews and Ratings of  Sri Jupiter Colour Company in Bhavannarayana Street, vijayawada 5.0 (1 Votes)

Vijaya Ganapathi Paints Generals, Arundalpet, vijayawada

Cement premer,Distemper, Emulsion, Gold Paint metalics... | #28-15-3, Dasuvari Street, Arundalpet ...
Latest Review :Paint Shops
Reviews and Ratings of  Vijaya Ganapathi Paints Generals in Arundalpet, vijayawada 5.0 (1 Votes)

B.K. Pumps and Spares, Tarapet, Vijayawada

B.K. Pumps and Spares, Tarapet in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | Door No.12-3-36, Peenamohammed St, 1 Town, Tarapet ...

Halston Distributors, Tarapet, Vijayawada

Halston Distributors, Tarapet in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | 12-7-9, 12, Hayath Khan St, 1 Town, Tarapet ...

Texmo United Engineers, Tarapet, Vijayawada

Texmo United Engineers, Tarapet in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | Door No.12-10-10, Park Rd, Convent St, K.R. Market, Tarapet ...

Shiva Parvathi Electrical And Water Pipe Line, Tarapet, Vijayawada

Shiva Parvathi Electrical And Water Pipe Line, Tarapet in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | Old Rajarajeswaripeta, Tarapet ...

Surya Sanitory Stores and Pipes, Tarapet, Vijayawada

Surya Sanitory Stores and Pipes, Tarapet in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | #12-6-34, Chinna Sattar St, Near Sesh Mahal Plaza, Tarapet ...


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Paint Shops

A paint shop is a facility where vehicles are painted. The process typically involves cleaning and prepping the vehicle's body, applying primer, and then applying the final coat of paint. Paint shops may also offer additional services such as body repair and detailing. They may specialize in painting cars, motorcycles, boats, or other types of vehicles. Some paint shops may also offer custom paint jobs or special finishes.

Types Of Paints

There are several types of paints, each with their own unique properties and uses. Some common types of paint include:

  • Acrylic paint: A water-based paint that dries quickly and has a low odor. It's commonly used for painting walls, ceilings, and exterior surfaces.
  • Oil paint: A slow-drying paint that's made from pigments suspended in oil. It's commonly used for fine art and is known for its ability to create rich, vibrant colors.
  • Latex paint: A water-based paint that's made from synthetic polymers. It's commonly used for interior and exterior surfaces and is known for its durability and easy cleanup.
  • Enamel paint: A type of oil- or alkyd-based paint that dries to a hard, glossy finish. It's commonly used for painting metal surfaces and other surfaces that need to be protected from wear and tear.
  • Epoxy paint: A two-part paint that's made from epoxy resin and a hardener. It's commonly used for painting concrete floors, garage floors, and other surfaces that need to be highly durable and resistant to chemicals.
  • Spray paint: A type of paint that's stored in a pressurized can and applied using a spray nozzle. It's commonly used for painting large surfaces, such as walls and vehicles, and for creating artworks.
  • Chalk paint: A type of paint that's made from calcium carbonate and a binder. It's commonly used for painting furniture and other surfaces that need to be distressed and antique look.


What are paint shops?
Paint shops are retail stores that specialize in selling various types of paint, coatings, and related supplies. These shops cater to individuals, contractors, and businesses looking to purchase paint products for residential, commercial, or industrial applications.

What types of paint can I find in paint shops?
Paint shops offer a wide variety of paints for different purposes. This includes interior paints for walls, ceilings, and furniture, exterior paints for surfaces exposed to weather conditions, specialty paints like epoxy or chalkboard paint, as well as primers, sealers, and finishes. They may also carry a range of paint colors and finishes to suit different preferences.

Can I find different brands of paint in paint shops?
Yes, paint shops typically carry products from various paint manufacturers and brands. They often stock popular brands known for their quality and performance, providing customers with a range of options to choose from.

Do paint shops provide assistance with color selection?
Many paint shops have staff members who are knowledgeable about color selection and can provide guidance and recommendations. They may offer color swatches, samples, or even digital tools to help customers visualize different paint colors in their space. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance if you need help choosing the right color for your project.

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