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Top 10 Handlooms in vijayawada

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Sreenivasa Handlooms, Governorpet, Vijayawada

Sreenivasa Handlooms, Governorpet in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | Opp. Kalaniketan, Mahanthi market, Besent Road,, Governorpet ...

Sai Jyothi Ikkat handlooms, Jayaprakash Nagar, Vijayawada

Sai Jyothi Ikkat handlooms, Jayaprakash Nagar in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | 54-19-25, Street No.3, Near Nelson Mandela park, LIC Colony, Jayaprakash Nagar ...

Apko Handlooms, Governorpet, Vijayawada

Apko Handlooms, Governorpet in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | Near Raj Towers Hotel, Kuta Building Eluru Road, Governorpet ...

Sri Venkateswara handlooms, Patamata, Vijayawada

Sri Venkateswara handlooms, Patamata in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | Shop.14, J.D Towers, Bandar Rd, Opp. Autonagar, Patamata ...

Vijay Handlooms, Vinchipeta, Vijayawada

Vijay Handlooms, Vinchipeta in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | Panja Center Rd, Mahanthi Puram, Vinchipeta ...

Apco Handloom House-2, Benz Circle, Vijayawada

Apco Handloom House-2, Benz Circle in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | Benz Circle, Benz Circle ...

Sri Murari Handloom And Textiless, Benz Circle, Vijayawada

Sri Murari Handloom And Textiless, Benz Circle in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | 71, 40-27-71, Polyclinic Road, Pettengle Pet, Siddhartha Nagar, Benz Circle ...

Sai Srinivasa handlooms, Governorpet, Vijayawada

Sai Srinivasa handlooms, Governorpet in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | Shop no.313, Krishna Vani Whole Sale Cloth Market, Governorpet ...

Mahalaksshmi Handlooms And Hoisery, Mogalrajapuram, Vijayawada

Mahalaksshmi Handlooms And Hoisery, Mogalrajapuram in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | Shop No. 32-2-4, Rama Rao St, Gandhi Statue Center, Kasturibaipet, Mogalrajapuram ...

Sai Balaji Handlooms, Governorpet, Vijayawada

Sai Balaji Handlooms, Governorpet in Bezawada, Vijayawada... | Mahantee Market, Besant Road,, Governorpet ...


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Handlooms have been an integral part of India's cultural and economic heritage for centuries. The art of weaving has been passed down through generations, and handlooms have played a vital role in the lives of millions of people. However, with the advent of industrialization and mass production, handloom weaving has been on the decline.

The Art of Weaving

Handloom weaving is an intricate art that involves the use of a simple machine to create complex designs. The weaver sits at the loom, which is a wooden frame with strings stretched across it. The weft thread is woven through the warp threads to create a pattern. The weaver controls the tension of the warp threads to create the desired effect.

The process of handloom weaving is time-consuming and requires a great deal of skill and patience. Each piece of cloth is unique, and the weaver's skill is evident in the design and quality of the fabric. Handloom weaving is not just a craft; it is an art form that reflects the culture and traditions of a community.

The Decline of Handloom Weaving

Despite its cultural significance, handloom weaving has been on the decline in recent years. The rise of industrialization and mass production has made it difficult for handloom weavers to compete in the market. Cheap and mass-produced fabrics have flooded the market, making it difficult for handloom weavers to make a living.

Furthermore, the lack of government support and investment in the handloom industry has exacerbated the problem. Many handloom weavers are forced to work long hours for low wages, making it difficult for them to sustain their livelihoods.

The Revival of Handloom Weaving

Despite the challenges facing the handloom industry, there are efforts underway to revive this dying art form. The government has launched several initiatives to support handloom weavers, such as the Handloom Weavers' Comprehensive Welfare Scheme and the National Handloom Development Program.

Furthermore, there has been a growing awareness and appreciation for handloom fabrics. Many designers and fashion brands are incorporating handloom fabrics into their collections, creating a demand for handloom weavers. This has led to an increase in the value of handloom fabrics, making it more profitable for weavers to continue their craft.

The Benefits of Handloom Weaving

Handloom weaving is not just a cultural tradition; it also has several environmental and social benefits. Handloom fabrics are made using natural fibers, such as cotton and silk, which are biodegradable and sustainable. Handloom weaving also requires less energy and water than industrial production, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Furthermore, handloom weaving provides employment opportunities for millions of people in rural areas. It is a skill that can be passed down through generations, providing a sense of pride and identity for communities.

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